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My name is Tanvir Ali,
I’m a photographer.

The year was 2009; the one that changed my life. I had saved up 6 months’ worth of pocket money to buy my first camera and my first shoot working as the photographer for a friend’s band performance. The thrill! What started off as a favor for friend brought in requests for photography that I had not expected. With that, knocked on my door, the first wedding I covered.

Oh the magic of colors, emotions and moments through a few clicks of my fingertips! I was instantly hooked! It was love at first shot.

When I graduated with a business degree, I had already made a modest name for myself. Business degree and passion shaking fates, I decided to venture out and start my own wedding photography company. It has been 10 years since then. Even today, 10 years later, nothing brings me more joy than seeing my clients getting excited over their magical moments. Today, I also share the opportunity with passion-drivers like me to experience the same joy by teaching and conducting workshops on photography around the country.

I, Tanvir Ali, still feel like that 21-year-old fresh-grad every time I cover an event; excited, experimental, nervous and alive. I fall in love with my passion further every time with every shot since the first.

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